80 Strand

Project: 80 Strand

Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Project Description:

Working for Sir Robert McAlpine on their refurbishment project of the Shellmax Building, 80 Strand, London.

A 3 Ton hoist support scaffold was designed with multi-level access run-offs into the building which included over 200 Ladder beams to assist in the refurbishment of re-modernising the office floor spaces. This Hoist run-off was later extended to provide access to provide access at Ground and Ground Mezzanine level at a different location of the building, some 12m away. The design team provided a solution which allowed the main service road to remain open whilst overcoming support challenges due to keeping the footway clear. Loads were spread using a sole board spreader arrangement at ground level. 

A designed multipurpose access scaffold within the courtyard was installed. This incorporated an impressive temporary roof, supporting multi directional 1 ton runway beams, to enable the erection of steelwork and glazing for a new building in the courtyard.

Temporary roofs were designed and installed at roof level of the building to allow a weatherproofed area which also housed a Niko runway system to sustain the delivery of material from the installed run-off.

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